Who are we?

If you don’t know 1 Granary yet, don’t worry, we’ll catch you up to speed. We are the leading global fashion education platform and creative network, dedicated to empowering the next generation of creative talent and driving positive change in the fashion industry.

Founded by fashion design graduates in 2013 with one purpose – how can we make sense of the industry we’re entering? – 1 Granary quickly grew from an online publication into a platform encompassing a print magazine, social media, events, recruitment and brand development for design talent.   

For those of you who’ve been around for a while, you know the drill: education remains at the heart of everything we do, and this is why we’ve built a one-of-a-kind fashion community that consists of over 40 leading fashion schools around the globe. Whether it’s through memes, investigative reports, mentoring groups, or a print collection of 100+ anonymous interviews with senior designers in luxury fashion houses, we want to better understand the fashion industry so we can empower the next generation to improve it.


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But why a newsletter?

It’s very simple: We want to continue bringing our audience quality and in-depth content, without losing our independence. It appears that even though there is more information than ever about the state of the industry, there aren’t that many places you can actually trust. After all: how much of that information is truly reliable if the brands who’ll eventually employ you are the ones paying for it?

But how do we continue creating high-quality and in-depth content without losing our independence? 

Through paid subscriptions. We want to deepen our investigative work via our online platforms. Working on long-form content that doesn’t just highlight our industry’s issues, but gives you concrete advice and industry expertise on how to navigate them too; conversations with thought leaders beyond fashion; and a deeper exploration of the industry’s structure (and job opportunities!). Our newsletter is reader-empowered and is specifically designed to answer your burning questions with unfiltered passion and expert resources.

What do I get?

Many things! Every month, we’ll explore what is holding fashion employees back from fully developing satisfying careers. From the increasing speed in luxury studios and the growing power of marketing, to the lack of transparency around money and salary negotiation, to work hierarchies, durable creativity, power imbalances, and more.

But we won’t focus on fashion alone. We’ll also host conversations with thinkers outside fashion. These philosophers, critical theorists, feminist thinkers and psychoanalysts might offer a fresh perspective on systemic issues.  

Using advice from the most experienced industry players, exclusive interviews, anonymous testimonies, insider information, academic resources, practical tips and fun exercises, we together are making this industry a more wholesome, accessible and nourishing place for everyone.

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